The Wargrave Family.

The Partnership is made up of local residents with support from Torus Foundation as our Local Trusted Organisation that looks after our funding and any obligations we have.

Meet our Team.

Wargrave Big Local Partnership members have a good range of knowledge and skills and respect for each other.

Louise Forshaw

Chair of the Partnership and
Chair of the Healthier subgroup

I have lived in Wargrave all my life and have been a member of the WBL Partnership for many years. It’s a great privilege to be able to take a major role in decisions that will have a positive impact on our area, because those who live here know it best. Being Chair of the Partnership can sometimes be challenging, but also very rewarding when I see the impact of our work on people’s lives.

Jeanne Dentith

Vice-Chair of the Partnership and
Chair of the Stronger subgroup

I joined the Partnership as I could see the funding being used to improve the life chances of local people. Even small changes can make a difference.

Deb Mercer

Chair of the Greener subgroup

I’ve always felt that Wargrave was a special place to live, but when I found out that a group of local residents would be given the chance to help improve the area, I really wanted to be part of that. So, just over three years ago, I joined the dedicated, close-knit partnership of Wargrave Big Local.

It’s been my absolute pleasure and privilege ever since to be part of this friendly and welcoming group, all of us dedicated to making Wargrave a ‘better place to live’.

Sarah Percival

I joined the Partnership because I hadn’t been living in Wargrave long at the time, but I still liked the idea of helping to make a difference. It’s also given me the chance to volunteer in the community and gain more independence, confidence and friends!

Margaret Howlett

I joined Big Local hoping that it would bring Wargrave more attention as it is the “forgotten” area that links Earlestown to Newton. Those 2 areas are discussed often but not so Wargrave. There is more to Newton-le-Willows than the market and the High Street.

Alan Hayward

I joined the Wargrave Big Local because after reading the newsletter and hearing the positive things that they were doing for Wargrave, and as I was now a Wargrave resident, it was something I really wanted to be a part of.

David Smith


Info coming soon…..

Mark Jory

Torus Foundation representative

Info coming soon…..

Graham Ellis

Hub Administrator

My role within the Hub is to help create a supportive, welcoming environment for all visitors. Supporting the Wargrave Big Local Partnership creating a safe space for Wargrave residents. Feel free to pop in and have a chat.

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